Kelvia is the owner of the…

“Viva! Dance & Fitness Center for the Arts”

in West Haven, CT.

Kelvia is also the Founder/Artistic Director of the…

“Middle Eastern Dance Academy of CT” .

Satellite location in WATERBURY, CT (session hosted by series). Classes every Saturday at 11am. Located at “Heart & Sole Studio” 130 Scott Rd. Waterbury, CT

Group Classes


Kids and Teens Classes

Our teens and kids class focuses on providing our youth with a creative outlet. It is centers around self-empowerment, and building true cultural appreciation for this art form.  We are currently in session. While we do run by semesters; students have the option of enrolling at anytime. They may also attend on a drop in basis of $15 per class.  Fundraisers are held at different times in the year, to help students pay for classes. Parents can also apply for tuition assistance.   Please speak to Kelvia directly to discuss your rate eligibility and class scholarship opportunities.


These classes introduce students to basic movements that will further their dance vocabulary. This will get them well on their way to developing their own personal dance style. By drilling repetitive technique and movements, the information learned travels from the brain into muscle memory.   This Class Includes:

  • Basic Choreographies
  • Hip and arm work
  • Basic traveling steps
  • Introduction to veil work
  • Introduction to prop work (sword balancing/ cymbal playing)
  • Introduction to Arabic rhythms and different dance styles.

** No previous experience required.**   Call Kelvia for more details 203-313-8282 10246767_622585707831176_2965575500885048614_n


  • Kids/Teens currently enrolled in The Middle Eastern Dance Academy program are able to participate in all adult dance classes for FREE!!!
  • Ask about our Kids Fitness Program!!
  • Sibling discounts and community rates available.



Hi Kelvia,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work with Gianna (and I was impressed with the other girls too). My daughter is rather shy and is working on some self-esteem issues, so to see what you have done for her is heart-warming. I was quite amazed at her ability as she hasn’t shown me how she dances. Belly Dancer is a very positive outlet for her! Thanks again for everything. My daughter will be signing up again for next semester!! 

– Debbie

Belly Dance Classes with Kelvia

Dance Team: “Zaharat Al Mustaqbal”  

(which means “Flowers of the Future” in Arabic)

This dance team was created with the goal of providing our CT youth an opportunity to use their talents to serve the community. This dance team is comprised of students who have been training with Kelvia for some time or have auditioned to join the group.

team 1

This dance team accepts participants by INVITE only.  This is a performance class. Students learn team choreographies, and perform at community and charity events throughout the year. There is a monthly Troupe due of $10 per student, which goes to cover studio fees and marketing expenses for the teens. The participants are required to attend the 2wk Young Girls Empowerment Summer Dance camp intensive. They are then allowed to audition for the them when auditions open in September 2017.  If you have previous belly dance experience and would like to attend, please call Kelvia 203-313-8282. Dancers are expected to be able to keep up in a faster paced class setting, and must be studying with a teacher regularly. All Troupe members are also required to attend two workshops at minimum per year.

NOTE: For ALL Kids/Teens, and Dance Team classes, fundraisers are held twice a year to help the students raise money for their tuition and costumes. 

 “Zaharat al mustaqbal” Team Member Testimonial

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 7.06.37 PMThis is a picture of my belly dance teacher and I. It looks like we were having a little dance battle 🙂 But she has made my life so much better and interesting. She has shown me to be a confident young lady that respects my body and the person I am


Trial Adult Education Belly Dance Class Semester

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 3.45.23 PM

As seen on Tv


The “Middle Eastern Dance Academy” Operates out of the following locations:


  • Viva! Dance and Fitness Center for the Arts, LLC

243 Captain Thomas Blvd West Haven, CT 06516

(This is our HOME OFFICE. Its actually our building)



130 Scott Rd. Waterbury, CT 06705

(Saturdays ONLY: Sessions hosted by series. Please call for the next start date.)

Adult Classes:


Group Sessions for adults are held 3xs a week by the Middle Eastern Dance Academy CT Instructors in West Haven, CT!! We offer one class a week on Saturdays in Waterbury, CT. 


**Kelvia teaches an Intro to Belly Dance on Monday at 6:45pm, a Foundations Belly Dance Technique Class on Tuesdays at 7:30pm, and Foundations Class on Saturdays. **


~~Please see our schedule or visit Kelvia’s Dance Center’s website for all the program offerings www.vivadancefitness.com~~~

Enrollments & Rates (West Haven, CT  Location ONLY):


Where:  Middle Eastern Dance Academy of CT/ Viva Dance & Fitness Center

 243 Captain Thomas Blvd West Haven, CT


When: Classes are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays,




Drop in: rate per class is $15.

Group Class Card: If you plan on being a regular “drop in member” of the dance center, but your schedule does not permit you to commit to a monthly membership…… then we have just the thing!!

  • 16 Group Class card for $216 (thats $13.50 a class)
  • 8 Group Class Card for $112 (thats $14 a class)

You can pay off this card off in up to 2 installments. This allows you to drop into ANY of our dance classes at a discounted rate, whenever your schedule permits.

Note: The 16 group card has an expiration of 6months, and the 8 group card has an expiration of 3months for them to be utilized.


Monthly Dance Enrollments:  For those who wish to take their dance training consistently we have several options for you!

  • $160 for an ALL ACCESS PASS to the MDA which includes ALL classes within the Viva Dance Center  (hip hop, Tahitian, Zumba, Bollywood fitness, latin dancing, African Dance Fitness, Dancer Flexibility Training, and more!!)
  • $140 for an Unlimited Dance ONLY monthly pass.
  • Belly Dance ONLY pack: $120 a month.
  • $95 per month for TWO classes a week.
  • $50 per month for ONE class a week.
  • Add $20 per month to any of these program if you would like to include the Urban Arts upgrade (Dancehall, Heels Dance class, Break dancing, or Twerk class).

Your monthly memberships allows you to become a well-rounded dancer in not just Belly Dance, but other dance styles which can be used to enhance your overall dance ability. This is an all inclusive Dance & Fitness experience at a community price!!

  • Ask about “Sibling Discounts” package deals (must live in the same household).
  • Mommy and Me ALL ACCESS PASS $200 per month.
  • Kids/Teens currently enrolled in the Middle Eastern Dance Academy kids dance program, are able to participate in ALL the adult classes as well for FREE!! Kid Memberships are $100 per month for ALL CLASSES under VIVA and the MDA.

Enrollments & Rates (Waterbury, CT Location):


Where:  Heart & Sole Dance Studio

 130 Scott Rd. Waterbury, CT 06570


When: Classes are held on Saturday Mornings at 11am. Some Wednesday nights with prior notice to the class.




Drop in: rate per class is $20.

These sessions run by appointment only. They are a pay as you go system. Sessions are $20 each. Please call to reserve your spot in our next session is.

Private Lessons:

Private Lessons are available by appointment ONLY. 

* Discounts available for student who purchase a private lesson class card of 8 sessions.

* Ask about our Private and Group lesson combo pack!!


Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.34.51 PM

“I’ve never had an instructor that has been so inspiring and supportive. She has motivated me to better myself as a dancer and has even given me the confidence to strive to be a professional dancer, which I have never considered previously.”~Emily “Kaia” Torla


Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.31.40 PM

“Kelvia is an instructor who’s passion for the art of belly dance is openly shared with her students. Classes are always motivational, uplifting and positive. As her student, each class continuously challenges me and always a resource of information of the Middle Eastern dance.” ~ Ines Nieves

About Kelvia’s Mixed Level Foundations Belly Dance Class:


This dance class is Technique based while having a cardio focus. Our goal is to provide the required training and opportunities for students to learn all the essentials of becoming a belly dancer. The class instruction is given in a mixed level forum. From beginner to the advanced student, there is something for every level.

Classes will include:

  • Dance drills introduction to Arabic rhythms
  • Different belly dance styles mixed level combinations.
  • Some prop work (intro to Veil, finger cymbals, sword balancing, etc.)
  • Mechanics of movements, and creative application elements
  • Elegant Arm work, and layering movements



“I dance because of GOD’s glory”

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