Despite being given the title of a Professional Belly Dancer by her teachers, mentors and satisfied clients; Kelvia considers herself a student before a performer or instructor. She would not be where she is, if it weren’t for the wonderful people her God has placed in her life. She would like to give tribute to the people who have blessed her dance and continue to inspire her daily.

First and foremost Her God. Kelvia has suffered from chronic joint problems from the age of 3. She grew up being told she would never be a dancer. After years of training, Kelvia has been able to prove to the world that with a little faith you could move mountains. Kelvia dances because of GOD’s glory!!


Her #1 Fan and 1st dance teacher: Awilda Vega (Her mother and the driving force behind her dedication).

Her Ballroom and Latin dance mentor: Kristie Entwistle from

Her first belly dance teacher – Adina, who inspired her and “raised” her in this dance with more care and generosity than any other teacher ever had.

Her current dance coach & forever “dance mom”- Nourhan Sharif. Through Nourhan, Kelvia became truly aware of her full dance potential. Nourhan’s energy and passion for this art form, ignited a drive in Kelvia to push herself further than she ever imagined; both as a dancer, and as a professional. For Kelvia, being one of Nourhan’s students has been a blessing she will always value.

Her sisters in the dance:


-The girls from the Rakshanda Rya Dance Troupe


Careesah  & Gina who are responsible for launching her professional belly dance career by providing her with the referrals and community support to begin performing professionally. Kelvia gives a special tribute to Careesah for being 100% selfless and giving her a continued leg up in the professional dance arena. When dancers open the door for you, even though you never paid to take lessons from them, and in the end they helped you despite them knowing that they are creating a new competitor… that is when you know you found a true “sister in dance”. Thank you for believing in me Careesah!


-Tava who has provided countless hours of guidance and mentoring on the business side to the belly dance world.


– Noora Dance who has not only taught Kelvia many ways to explore the elegance of this dance, but has also continued to nurture and challenge her to increase her historical knowledge of it.  Noora continues to be more than a teacher to Kelvia, she is her sister in dance.

“I dance because of GOD’s glory”

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