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KELVIA  is the owner of the Viva Dance & Fitness Center for the Arts, and founder of the Middle Eastern Dance Academy of CT. She is an Award Winnning professional dance artist, instructor, choreographer, and event coordinator.


Kelvia is a Ballroom and Latin dance instructor who made a dance career change, when she fell in love with Middle Eastern Dance. Kelvia found a belly dance class in 2008 with Adina in Milford, CT and it was “Love at first hip drop”. It was through belly dance that Kelvia finally learned to love herself, embrace her body, and was able to gain confidence. Belly dance changed Kelvia’s self-perception.


Throughout the years, Kelvia’s determination has allowed her to gain an extensive amount of dance, performance and instructional training in the following: Theater Arts, stage Presence, Group Choreographies/Productions, Liturgical Dance, Belly Dancing, Salsa, Merengue, Rumba, Bachata, Cha-Cha, Samba, Swing, Hustle, Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, QuickStep, V,waltz, and Slow dance. Kelvia has trained intensively in all 16 different dance styles, but it was belly dancing that captured her heart.


In 2012, she began training intensively with Nourhan Sharif. It was through Nourhan that Kelvia learned the real art of Oriental Dance. As a student of the Egyptian Academy of Oriental Dance in New York City, Kelvia continues to have the honor of taking countless hours of dance training from International Raqs Sharqi superstars. As part of her dedication to this art form, Kelvia attends workshops with many famous U.S.A based dancers as well.


Kelvia’s passion and drive has led her to dancing on the stage of many prestigious venues. Kelvia has danced at venues such as Madison Square Garden (NYC), CopaCabana (NYC), Shrine at MGM Foxwoods, The New Haven CT Presidential Inaugural Ball for Barack Obama, The New Haven CT Mayor Ball for the honorable Toni Harp, Sharifwear Production in DROM (NYC), and Al Khaima Arabesque Academy, (Toronto,CA).


In August 2015, she had the honor of flying with Katia of Cairo to Egypt, where she trained with Madam Raqia Hassan. Quickly following her short stay in Egypt, she took a flight to Lebanon under a dance scholarship awarded by Pierre Haddad. Kelvia immersed herself in learning the Lebanese styling and culture of the Lebanese oriental arts. While in Lebanon, Kelvia had the honor of performing at an charity event to raise money for cancer research in the country. She was also able to teach small local dance classes for the community. Kelvia’s visit caught the attention local news station “Future TV”, and she was interviewed about her love for Lebanese Oriental dance.


Kelvia has dedicated her life to dance. She lives for the moments where she is able to share her passion with others. In 2012, she started the first CT Kids/Teens belly dance team. It is a young girl’s empowerment program that utilizes the Middle Eastern arts to build self esteem, teach positive socialization, and raise a love for cultural diversity and acceptance. This project has blossomed to what is now known as the official “Middle Eastern Dance Academy of CT!” Kelvia now runs 3 dance teams and has students that range from age 3-age 70!


If you are coming to see Kelvia perform, expect to see a show full of passion and high energy. Kelvia has rated 5 Stars in all client contact platforms she has been listed under. These platforms include WeddingWire, GigMasters, and GigSalad. Due to Kelvia consistently receiving 5 star reviews ratings, Gigmasters made her an award recipient of their “Best of 2012 Performance Award Winner!”


In 2017, Kelvia ranked 2nd Place in the Houston Oriental and Folklore Dance Festival International Competition.


A little more about KELVIA: 

What is the quote “I dance because of God’s glory” all about?


Kelvia was told from an early age that she would NEVER be a dancer. She was told that not only did she not have enough talent, but that her legs would give her a physical limitation when compared to other artists. Kelvia was born with chronic joint problems. Things like walking or running are extremely painful at times. With determination, training, discipline and dedication, Kelvia has proven that there are no limits to where a little faith and a powerful God can take you. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you are or are not capable of!


Kelvia is the artistic Director of the CT Kids/Teens Belly dance team “Zaharat al mustqbal”.  Why teach belly dance to teenagers?


As a young adolescent, Kelvia suffered from low self-esteem. As an adult, Kelvia continued to be very critical of herself. Through belly dance, Kelvia learned to love herself, embrace her body, and was able to gain confidence. Belly dance changed Kelvia’s self-perception. The purpose of these belly dance classes is to pay it forward. It is time that we embrace, guide and empower our young ladies. Kelvia hopes to be able to instill an artistic foundation that our youth can use as a proper outlet for their emotions & thoughts. Her goal is to be able to show them how to be set free by music & dance. Kelvia makes little to no money on the kids/teen classes. She does her best to keep the costs as low as possible in order to be able to provide the opportunity for students to train. Kelvia came to the USA at age 5. She is well aware of the financial constraints that some families face in the New Haven area. Kelvia often hosts fundraisers to help raise money for the tuition costs, costuming, scholarships, and studio expenses for the kids. Please check out our event page for information on how to support our CT youth and the future of our belly dance community!!

Kelvia’s words of advice to the aspiring professional belly dancer, were published in the “Belly Dance New England” website.


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“I dance because of GOD’s glory”

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